All you have to do then is touch a button on the bracelet … First, it requires you and your partner to be wearing the bracelets and have the app running on your smartphones. Bond Touch is a bracelet that keeps loved ones connected through touch, no matter the distance. Select the Bracelet Set to have both bracelets sent to one address, or two Single Bracelets if you'd like to ship to two separate addresses. Not with a mechanical vibration or buzzing sensation, but an actual gentle squeeze. How many bond touch bracelets come in the box when you make the one purchase ($88), one or two because on the website it says two. They are so fun and sweet. or can both bracelets connect to one? Carriers like T-Mobile may disable the receiving of Short Code messages by default. Currently it’s shipping only to Europe but you can join their waitlist to be notified when they restock for US in September. Could i be in the car and use it? No matter where they are on the planet. It’s true that this is still a new start-up, so they might still have to figure things out regarding the customer service. It’s the first wearable that mimics a real human touch. Encrypted Chat app: Coming Soon is a private chat space embedded in the Bond Touch app. According to the Bond Touch website, their bracelets were designed to: "bring long-distance lovers closer than ever." But they don't have to! A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and for your dearest. First, it requires you and your partner to be wearing the bracelets and have the app running on your smartphones. You still cannot touch them on a daily basis, a key way of achieving and maintaining intimacy. Plus, even with messages sometimes saying i miss you over and over gets a little old. It’s quite durable, as long as you don’t damage it on purpose haha, My bracelet stopped vibrating is there any way to fix this, Hello Jasmine, you can contact their support here: Always enter your phone number as if you were calling from outside the country. Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication. 6:11 PM EST, Wed February 6, 2019. If you’re considering getting one, it’s worth looking into the different types of band, since some reviewers weren’t fans of the style, or complained that the bracelets irritated their wrists after they’d worn them for a while. You need your phone with at all times to use the bracelet. With a simple tap, your partner feels a gentle vibration and sees a light through their Bond Touch bracelet that lets them know you are thinking of them. Twosomes always require compromise and work, but long-distance relationships are that much more difficult and demanding, since you don’t always have the option of physical touch to bring you together. With every purchase of a Bond Touch pack, you will get two sets of bracelets. >> Click here to read more Bond Touch user reviews. Just a warm and friendly touch. The dashboard has a very positive effect on bringing your loved one close to you. In fact, when Bond Touch launched its presale campaign for Valentine’s Day in 2017, the company hit its margin in only two weeks. hey is it possible if I wanted to ship one bracelet to my partner in Italy and other to me in Canada? The Bond Touch has done wonders for the level of connection for me in my long distance relationship. Pricing. thanks. If you’re looking for a sweet way to enrich your long-distance love affair, this could be worth the investment. The Bond Touch Bracelets can be purchased in a double or single pack on Should this be the case, contact your respective carrier and inform them that you would like to enable the receiving of Short Code messages.”. 99. When you touch it – they feel it, no matter where they are on the planet. One for you and one for that special someone. HEY Bracelet will forever change the way people stay in contact. With a simple tap, your love feels a gentle vibration and sees a light through their Bond Touch bracelet that lets them know you … By subscribing, you agree to our privacy policy. They are really great you should give it a go! OMGOSH they are so great! Bond Touch wasn’t able to restock in time for Valentine’s Day, but thousands of people joined the waitlist. The Bond Touch comes in pairs. It is definitely not like an electric shock and not the like the vibration you get with a text message. If you have an iPhone you need the app to be open to send and receive touches but if you have an android you can close the app and still receive and send touches. Hope your problem will be solved. To send a touch you simply touch your own bracelet. Long Distance Touch Bracelets Review. — if you consider the 4.3- out of 5-star rating on the iTunes store. Yes, as long as you’re connected and not too far from your phone. CNN Sans ™ & © 2016 Cable News Network. ***Edit*** the bracelets are $95, not $80 November 6th 2018 This is a video explaining my bond bracelet and how it works. As long as the app is open in the background, you’ll stay synced to your partner. It is not waterproof, but it can withstand a little light rain or a splash of water. Bond Touch is the app that supports the Bond Touch bracelet - the bracelet that keeps loved ones connected through touch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sadly, there’s is no other way right now, but I suggest you join their waitlist to be notified one day if they can ship to Singapore . This does not affect your purchases, the price you may pay or influence the verdict of its reviews. In order for your Bond Touch modules to be able to stay connected, a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity and connection to the internet via WiFi or Mobile data is necessary to run the Bond Touch app. When you touch it, they feel it. They work off of your phone service so the app has to stay open in the background constantly. Each box comes with a touch bracelet module which has external plastic casing and RGB LED, surgical steel loop and charging points on one side. Password reset email has been resent. And I will share with you all my best tips and recommendations without any restraint! How do they work though? My husband and I got our bond bracelets last week. I found this very useful when I went to a music festival but did not want to wear my Bond Touch as a bracelet. They are slim, send a strong vibration when touched, are water-proofed, and their wristbands are changeable. Bond Touch will only last up to five days on one charge, and that’s depending upon how often it’s used. I am definitely glad I did and a big part of what gave me the confidence to buy the Bond Touch was reading the very cute #bondstories on Facebook. The Bond bracelet pairs are sold at $88 on Bond Touch official site. If you’re particular about style, you can purchase the bracelets in other color sets, as well as brown or black faux-leather, ranging in price. No, you can send an unlimited number of touches with the bracelets. Select the single bracelet with a quantity of 2 when you’re going through the checkout process! Essentially, you and a loved one each wear a bracelet. Love it! To be honest, I am not sure about that. I don’t know how far you can be from your phone though. When it says you have to have the app running in the background, I was confused by the specific meaning of it. There is some asse… The company has horrible customer service. If your partner is wearing their bracelet, they will receive your touch as a vibration. With the advent of cheap or free video conferencing, it has become easier to speak to and see our faraway loved ones regularly. 2 boxes are wrapped in a bundle. While some naysayers aren’t sold on the concept of a vibrating bracelet, when picking up a smartphone may feel more natural, other couples are fans of the concept. Bond Touch gives couples the ability to feel physically connected from almost any corner of the globe, thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and smartphones. Once you receive your Bond Touch package — for $98, plus tax and shipping — you and your partner will give your bracelets a solid charge. To address the limitation of having only one type of strap, the Bond Touch module, this is the functional part of the bracelet, can be detached and attached to any strap of your choice, provided the module fits. Interact with the global Bond Touch community, Summary of pros and cons of the Bond Touch, What other LDR couples think about the Bond Touch bracelets,, The 7 Best Remote Control Vibrators for Long Distance Sex, The 5+ Best Long Distance Sex Toys (Teledildonics) for Lovers, 7 AWESOME (or CRAZY) Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships, 1 punch hole to allow to customize the fit of the leather strap to your wrist, Functions anywhere in the world, no distance is too large, The battery life on the bracelet is excellent, you can wear it for a full day without recharging, Currently only available with one kind of strap. A Warner Media Company. It’s available in the USA… when it’s not sold out! Are these available in the USA? The vibration when the touch is sent is designed to simulate a tactile sensation. You should contact the support to be sure about the date. Success! Delivery times vary from locations to locations. One is meant for yourself, while the other one can be given for your long - distance partner. “You have to be near your phone to send and receive touches which can get annoying when you or your partner are not close to their phone at the moment,” one reviewer said. – Some countries’ phone numbers may vary when attempting to contact from outside the country. When you gently tap the button at the top, your partner’s wrist will feel a slight sensation and the bracelet will emit a brief glow. The dashboard on the app allows you to keep track of touches sent and received. What if there were a way to actually reach out to her – digitally? Required fields are marked *. It takes away the hassle of pulling out your phone to send a message. Australia is an example: when entering your phone number to receive a confirmation code, users must remove the extra ‘0’ included in your STD area code or mobile phone number. Can you give a more detailed explanation of “having the app run in the background? When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. Victoria at Impossible told me: Open your Bond Touch App to follow your partner’s status and get notified when you miss a touch. LDRs ARE possible. This has been a never ending process over the past two days. To send a message, the bracelet itself must be touched in two discrete places. The device is available now to purchase. All Rights Reserved. The ones we got were defective sent it back like they directed me too and still haven’t received the replacement and no word from them. $14.99 $ 14. Hello Stevie, It takes around 3 hours for Bond Touch to fully charge! One to you and one to your partner. I often caught myself smiling at the bracelet, and then if it had been more than a couple of hours since either of us sent a touch, I would send one. These products are very popular right now, so it might be hard to get them at the moment. 3.8 out of 5 stars 33. or do I always need wifi? Then your partner can return the favor, or perhaps send you a sweet text or give you a quick ring. – Always check if your phone number, including the country calling code, used is correct. One user said, “The battery lasts us the entire day … and we charge them when we sleep so they never die. But I doubt such app would be blocked. Everything in the Bond Touch App. Bond Touch is the app that supports the Bond Touch bracelet - the bracelet that keeps loved ones connected through touch. © 2020 - LongDistanceFun. This idea has been in the works by Christoph Dressel and his team ever since 2013. CNN News staff is not involved. I agree with your con that the app has to be open in the background but only for iPhone users. Your email address will not be published. This year, the company is on track for similar success, Dressel says. There is no limit! Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. When you sign up it asks for a cell phone number to send a confirmation code to. Tapping on the charm of one bracelet causes the other to vibrate and light up. I live in Australia, and the Bond Touch ships from the US, as can be expected with international shipments, sometimes things do not go according to plan. The only thing I’d point out is that you must constantly have the app open (even if it’s just running in the background) on your phone for the touches to send/receive. I just got ours today I’m sending it to my girlfriend who lives in Michigan I am anxious to see if this really helps us out I’ll come back and Play you know how it works, My girlfriend lives in Michigan too XD I find that funny but very cool. Bond Touch is an emotional wearable that allows you to send little touches to your partner through a small bracelet. For them to work, does the distance between both people matter? And so many others who face the struggle of a relationship that must battle the miles. You can buy your Bond Touch bracelets here:, Are these available in the US currently? When you tap your bracelet, your partner will feel a vibration and see an LED glow – a signal that he or she is on your mind. In early 2018, it had a bittersweet win, when it went viral and sold out of bracelets in less than a week. Is there a certain number of touches you can send? How can it be splash proof but not water proof??? I have been in a LDR for more than 22 months now and despite a *slow* start, we're having the time of our life! I was so inspired by the stories that other couples share of the fun they were having with the Bond Touch, or of people reconnecting with their parents who lived in a new country. Please click the button below to agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. Thanks for your feedback K! This product is a great tool for connecting with loved ones who are far away and I wholeheartedly recommend it. You keep one, and you give one to your dearest. You each need a phone to use them. Such an amazing idea for LDR lovers! It is a bracelet, one for you and one for your loved one, that allows you to send and receive touches. The Bond Touch allows multiple touch types, for example, you can press on it for an extended touch, this is experienced by your partner as a longer lasting vibration. Founder Christoph Dressel and his team started working on this idea and project in 2013, but didn’t officially establish the company until 2017. Verification email has been resent. Each of these boxes contains 1 Bond Touch with a black TPU band, 1 USB Charger, and a user manual. For example, if you are located in the United States, it takes 3 – 5 business days to arrive. Moreover, its bracelets are relatively fit, and you will never get an issue of size. I am looking forward to the Bond Touch becoming available in more colors and strap styles. You can send an unlimited number of touches , It just dies faster the more you send and receive. The color it lights up in can be chosen through the Bond Touch app. Hello Morgan! You can tap the bracelet up to ten times to send unique touch messages. do u need a phone to use it? To send a touch you simply touch your own bracelet. Bond Touch is a bracelet that keeps loved ones connected through touch, no matter the distance. i.e. With this new release you will be able to use the do not disturb mode on your Bond Touch bracelet! Each bracelet is packaged separately in its own box that contains: When you buy the Bond Touch pair you need to download the Bond Touch app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. My Bond Touch bracelets were delayed by two weeks and stuck in customs limbo. What do couples think? We’re >6000 miles apart (midwest USA to Japan) and they work perfectly and we’ve never had any issues! My SO and I have a pair of Bond Touch bracelets that I bought us for Christmas. But how good is it? Smart idea from the devs! You should contact the support if you’re having trouble with your product, they are very responsive! I feel much more in tune with my boyfriend and would feel lost without his touch. Im living in singapore and i realise that the bracelet do not get shipped to asia region. 2 boxes wrapped in a sleeve. Does the app take much storage? If your partner is wearing their bracelet, they will receive your touch as a vibration. However, the company was not officially established until 2017. This is a very new product and there are not that many reviews available online, so I took a big chance on buying this product. This modern answer to an age-old relationship problem uses technology and innovation to — you guessed it — touch your partner from afar. The Hey Bracelet is designed to ensure accidental touches don’t happen. You keep one to yourself, and give one to your dearest. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR ORDER YOUR BOND TOUCH BRACELETS! I just received my bond touch bracelet, charged it for 4 hours and the light turned solid and no longer blinking. It was pretty effective and surprisingly cute! Then, basically, you’re done! Bond Touch is a bracelet that keeps loved ones connected through touch, no matter the distance. Each person can pick from a selection of limited colors to be their identifiers. The Hey is waterproof, charges in half an hour, and keeps the charge for as long as three weeks. And to be honest, it is the most soothing electronic touch I have ever experienced.