She recommended I contact the vet's office where she worked for the at home treatment. Unchained Grace from Baltimore, MD on March 04, 2010: Many years ago, my Rottweiller (Panga) died from Parvo. Doc gave me Cerenia for nausea and the antibiotic is Metronidaole. thanks in advance and god bless. Parvo is much more common in some areas than others. You want to have their trust. This is an important change to how we are dealing with parvo now. It hurts to lose your pet! I was told from the people who gave him to me that he has already had his shots, which he hasn't. :). when I brought her home I did so with pills for her stomach and pain injections. my first dog caught it from a yard that had been infected and not disinfected properly. She has hook worms too. This article was very helpful to me because I have been trying to give her baby food turkey because I know she must be hungry and I can tell she lost weight since yesterday. Noticed he wasnt playing yesterday and i took him for a ride in da car and he threw up.. so i waited til this morning to take ho. She don't seem to happy but, im trying to do everything i can do to help her.She's my baby and i love her to death and i don't want to loss her but, i don't have the money to get her treated. This is what I am feeding him. We are at the end of day 5. it is his second day of treatment and he is fighting like a mad dog. we had spent $800 trying to help our boxer with cancer and we had spent $3500 on our wedding which was scheduled for the very next week after we found out he had parvo. Only pepto-bismol and the pedialyte - you can make homemade pedialyte, just add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon sugar to 8 oz of water. I found her dead on my kitchen floor one morning. you can email me direct at Thank you more than you know. Thursday it will be 4 days sick, and 3 days w/ treatment. I assumed she had eaten something and was getting it out of her system. They loaded him up on IV fluids theee and gave me nasuea , diarhea and 2 antibotics. Being young & dumb, we decided to have him put to sleep. At 10 I forced her inside and sat by her and continued to clean it up. He was still drinking water but he was not throwing up and did not have diarrhea. Dr. Mitchell writes that with appropriate and timely care, 68 to 92 percent of dogs with parvo will survive. My pitbull Puppy is sick with parvo. Write me if more advise needed. I have been keeping a log of everything I do and everything she does and the time and day. He has been a pretty relaxed dog but for some reason today when I got off ov work all he has been doing is sleeping. so please do not try and spray randon cleaners that say disinfectant on it all over your yard, it will NOT work. The first one was dead within hours, and there was nothing that could be done - I did not immediately know what was wrong, and did not know what to do. We called a vet's office, but they quoted us $750 just to get him checked out, tested, and to get antibiotics administered, and ALL of our money is tied up in the move we just made to Florida. Re-hydrate every 2-4 hrs during the first 3 days of parvo. Early parvo vaccination begins to protect the puppies. This bleeding is what gives your puppy the hallmark "parvo odor" of a rotten blood smell. She is 3 months old. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on November 11, 2012: It sounds like your puppy has a mild strain, thankfully. It takes about 10-14 days to get through the disease process. My neighbors have a 5 month old who they never had vaccinated. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. through the back of the neck. Step Three: Give the puppy baby amoxicillin Buy Amoxicillin Here. Getting the right meds from the Vet and treating your pup at home will be lots cheaper. But was told I can only let him lick an ice cube or give pedialite ice chips to moisten his mouth til 24 hrs after his last vomit. Since I caught it in such a hurry, and he only just got symptoms, will there be a greater chance of him surviving? I have a 12 week old puppy. My future mother-in-law just got her son and I a puppy to celebrate my first pregnancy- this was to be our baby's little companion once he/she is born. I have a puppy its about 5 months in half! We can't afford to take him in to be treated, and he's dropped most of his body fat in a matter of 12 hours. Parvovirus comes in two forms: an intestinal version and a version that affects your dog's heart.. where possible take that advice because it … Speaking to the vet it is nearly impossible for her to get parvo again since she has already had it once. See your vet. Is there any thing else i can do? Give the Pepto-Bismol about every hour or 2, about 1/2 teaspoon full each time. Parvo is every new puppy and dog owner’s worst nightmare. For the first week we made sure she ate and drank and gave her pedialyte none flavor and she slowly stopped sleeping so many hours and played more each day we bleached the house a lot and bleached where she pooped and gave her baths to cool her off because German shepherd get really hot. You should give the Pepto-Bismol 1/2 teaspoon every 2 hours, and the pedialyte every half hour, at least 2 tablespoons each time, 3 or 4 is better if you can get it down him. If you have a pet you know has not been vaccinated for dog … My puppy is a rot and German Shepard mix. Then there is still weakness, lack of appetite, and occasionally still some diarrhea. It helps with the nausea and bellyache. Protecting your puppy from parvo could save his life. You have to stay up with them 24 hours a day, for about a week or sometimes longer. Thanks for showing us not to give up on our pets, rated it up. Im not a vet but my dog and others i know are parvo survivors with this advise. she had been beside me through everything and was the greatest dog i could ask for. I can gently get him to play with me. I am so sorry you lost the puppy. and very little vomiting. If anybody has any advice please let me know. I am not a vet, so I don't really know what to say. and since i have been givin him pepto he doesn't have diarrhea anymore and hasn't been puking. You will smell the characteristic parvo "rotten blood" odor. I believe Sarge having her around occasionally is also helping. Just the test and told me there is a 50 percent chance to live. And is their a chance with it being 3 days in with out treatment that he can still survive? If you can't get store bought Pedialyte right away, use this recipe to make it home made: Don't forget to give the Pepto-Bismol (or generic equivalent) every hour or 2 - give 1/2 teaspoon each time. If so, do not give any solid food for at least 24 hours after the last vomiting. Dehydration is what kills the dog. I have been keeping a log of everytime I give her a medication, every time I give her pedialyte. he goes back to the vet tomorrow to see how he is doing. So last night I didn't sleep at all because every hour on the hour I have been forcing pedialyte down her and then she had a rough night w/ vomit and diarea....sweet girl didn't even have an accident in the house she managed to jump off me and stand at the door til I got it open and take care of her business outside. i have only lost one dog out of about 15 or more that i have treated. If your dog is at least six weeks old, he should be given the parvo shot with subsequent boosters three weeks and six weeks after the initial vaccine. She also has hook worms so he gave her a dose of med on Tuesday morning and then I have to give her the 2nd dose Thursday. Symptoms are similar in adults, although they can be less acute. So I was like ok. Well Monday night around 9pm she had direa sooo bad. He has no other symptoms so far but the vet took a cbc test and his cell counts were very low. I feel like I let her down because I was not with her...she slept with me and was never in a crate...the vet called me every night to update me, but some how I feel that she felt as though I left her...and she had no idea why or any reason to fight...very sad... :(. The first step in preventing parvo is vaccination, so make sure you’re getting all of the recommended puppy vaccinations from your vet.Puppies under 6 weeks of age retain immunity from their vaccinated mother. Is there any way we can help him with the pain without taking him to a vet? We haven't seen any diarrhea or bloody stool yet, and her vomiting has been minimal- just a few little blips of white mucus, but it's been about 12 hours since that happened. again...great post. Give your dog also Pepto Bismol, gatorade and pediasure. We paid the owner $40, and were told he had all of his shots up to date and didn't have worms. I cleaned out her kennel with bleach and put an old shirt in there that was kept in a whole other room that hasn't had exposure to my pup and I put the kennel infront of the sofa and I am laying on the sofa so she can see me. Cerenia is good stuff, helps stop the intestinal spasms, helps them rest. All but grandpa contracted parvo during their puppy years. She is still so weak but we are hoping for the best it's day 5 and she still going. You must get fluids and electrolytes into their system. What I am really impressed by is not the information (tho that is good) but the compassionate and understanding tone which really shines through in your writing. It sounds like you are doing a great job and your puppy is already on the mend! Parvovirus … Most likely, the risk of parvo will be very small. The vet will probably give the puppy a shot and some antibiotics for the infection. She went home and seemed okay. I took her outside thinking maybe she had to throw up or poop but she just went tinkle and came back up on the porch and layed down. I want to thank you for this- I lost a pup this week to Parvo, I still have his brother and sister, we gave them shots the day after their brother passed not knowing for sure if it was parvo. Do not allow more unwanted babies to come into a world where they will be abused and neglected, and to enter the shelters where they will be cruelly euthanized. Lots of times they excrete the segments even if they are not being wormed. This product will help get your puppy back on track FAST. He had the exact same colors and markings as chloey whom we lost. Just remember now, to clean up any areas where the puppy was, with bleach. He only threw up 2 times, and did not have diarrhea until I went to the vet. He also has a huge consult your vet, but PLEASE give the TIRAMIFLU is KEY. Puppies ages six weeks to six months are the most susceptible to parvo. We've been giving her the meds we got and pedialyte every hour until this morning around 3am threw it up 4 times until 8 am we took her back to the vet and they did another sq fluid treatment and told us we can go again tomorrow Friday and Saturday. She got diariha really bad and strted throwing up. They said she didn't appear too dehydrated, just slighty tacky gums. I'm just gonna keep on the Pedialyte and keep a close watch on her. This happens due to the puppy’s inability to handle the shock of an infection and what it does to the body. I work for a Shelter and we do euthanasia here, and not once is it ever cruel! The second one, Joe, then became ill with the same symptoms. Thank you. I just brought my 8 week old pumpkin home from the vet today with a Parvo diagnosis. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on September 19, 2012: Oh, I am so, so sorry, sevenuia1234. And give the Pepto to coat the intestines, this will help stop the hemorrhaging of the intestinal walls. Nothing strenuous. Step One: Move the puppy to a quite warm area with minimal traffic (rest is important). The whole main level has been step is my bedroom. No they said he was still hydrated enough, his gums looked good at the time. Some will stay down. The ice will help settle their stomach. He said that it wasn't a severe case of parvo yet and she seemed pretty well hydrated. He's in the vet hospital now, that was 250$ as a down payment, and would be 700$ more for a week, which I do not have. I called my friends mom and was crying and told her what happened (she has 9 dogs that she loves to death) so she told me to get her something to calm her stomach like pepto and some pedialyte and force her to drink that. Thanks. Here's Cody a few months ago: MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on March 09, 2010: To Faybe Bay: Thank you! They gave us medication. At 8:30 she began to act strange. When you first notice the puppy is hungry again, give chicken baby food, chicken broth, and then something easy to digest like chicken or canned chicken dog food mushed up with soft pasta. Puppies are vaccinated against parvo at approximately 6, 8, and 12 weeks of age. How long has she been sick - how many days? I have a 2 1/2 year old girl, Sassi, who had parvo 2 years ago, when she was 4 months old. He woke up around 4am puking, that day around 2:15 pm I took him to the vet. Please help! These are all good signs as he is getting some of his energy back. Kept waking up to make sure she had pedialyte. The other puppy is ok now, right? He hasn't vomited which is good too and no diarrhea either. There is not guarantee that you could have saved Panga. He acts ok especially outside but mostly lays in his bed. I just wanted you to know that your post is sincerely helpful and encouraging, and I appreciate so much that you took the time to post this. First we will briefly discuss how to prevent parvo from taking over your yard and home. He still was able to drink milk, but he wasn't able to eat food or drink water. Common sense and regular visits to the veterinarian can save your dog’s life. I have been giving her 12cc of pedialyte every hour. How long until a dog dies from chocolate? Are you giving her SubQ fluids at home? i am guessin there round worms because i have had to hold him a lot to feed them since i have been bottle feeding since they was two weeks old. She would still play tug a war a little so we didn't think parvo. If the veterinarian advises intravenous fluids are necessary, where possible take that advice because it could save your dog's life. So, don't worry if your pup isn't eating - he will when he's ready. My puppy is only 2 months old, he is a German Shepard and rot mixture. Feed smaller meals separated by at least an hour or two. GOOD LUCK saralopezpr at gmail. A friend of ours found that out the hard way. If he gets way too far along with this illness, we can't even afford to euthanize him to avoid prolonged suffering in the little guy. You're going to get tired and angry and dirty and frustrated. As it turned out, the medication was very similar to PB without the minty smell, but a heftier price. He's miserable and you can tell. Would this help my puppy or should i buy something else? As mentioned, one of the most effective ways to save a puppy from parvo is vaccination. They said he has parvo. You have to also remember to always get down and talk to them and tell them you love them. Also, you must make sure that any other new puppies you get are vaccinated before you bring them home. Put an iv on skn at least every 2 hours to maintain hydration Will take few days but they will survive. Your dog will not drink water nor eat, and very soon the pup is stretched out and down on the ground and can't get back up. I have seen dogs that have survived with at-home treatment of parvo, but most unfortunately do not. They have to know that you love them and you want them back. Even though your puppy may not get parvo a second time they can get what my vet described as a severe flu. Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and weakness. You have to keep your yard clean. I am giving that to her through a syringe 12 cc's. While this article is well written and gives very useful information, the very last sentence needs to be changed! Tonilee Materas from Worcester, Massachusetts on March 01, 2014: As of 2/28/14 my mixed breed puppy of 4 months old " Cody" started throwing up vile that night I thought he just ate something bad then the next day he started throwing up more in the morning he looked lethargic weak his eyes were glossy he smelled really bad and he wouldn't eat or drink and I knew it was signs of parvo so I had a can of baby formula and started feeding it to him with a syringe by mouth as I was doing that he wasn't throwing it back up soo about 8 hours later he started getting up playing and chewing on his milk bone but he still wont eat or. He doesnt really lay down a lot either he is usually sitting up til he cant hold his head up no more. i have a five week old puppy that i just found out caught parvo today, i don't have the money to take him to a vet but i did what you said and give him pepto bismol. Because Parvo attacks swiftly, time is of the essence. He gave me metronidazole at the antibiotic. Please help! Do I keep doing so until he does it on his own???? I assumed he had gotten into something like he has so many times before. Since the virus attacks two main areas of resistance, the intestine lining and the bone marrow cells, the virus can spread quickly without being checked. Whether you have something in them or not. nothing changed in the way he acted that entire day. I don't want to loose her ): she is Like my kid )': i have also treated many dogs in the same manor. All of our dogs pulled through and lived long happy lives. She hasn't pooped in a day or two but she leaks poop from her butt!? Your pet will not be able … They gave poor little Indigo Tamiflu. Last Saturday night my 5 month old puppy stopped eating but was drinking water but not as active as usual. You can make your own - look up above in the comments for a homemade recipe for it. I have a soft spot for dogs. I'm going to try this on the remaining sickies, they aren't as bad as the runt was and can seemingly keep down the milk. He would bend down so I could grab his collar, then he would back up and pull me up. By Monday she was noticeably skinnier and looked so depressed and doing almost nothing but sleeping. The puppy will have either vomiting or smelly liquid diarrhea or both, and they get messy.