Michigan Nursing Career Guide

Welcome to the Michigan Nursing Career Guide, where you'll find resources to support and grow your nursing career.

This work is supported through a grant from the Future of Nursing State Implementation Program, a national initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Our goal is to build quality resources to help Michigan's nurses make informed, evidence-based education and career decisions. We also strive to provide tools and resources to encourage professional mentorship. Your feedback is essential as we continue to refine these resources and develop new features. Check out the features below, and please consider evaluating our work thus far.

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Career Planning Tool Kit

Do you have questions about pursuing an education or growing your career in nursing? The Career Planning Tool Kit is a great place to start. The Tool Kit contains resources to help you chart your career plan, and provides tools to help nurses identify short and long-term career goals. You can also compare academic programs and learn more about the benefits of growing in your educational journey.

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Nursing Education Database

Are you ready to look at potential schools, but don't know where to start? The Center for Nursing has organized and cataloged Michigan's nursing programs, to make it easier to compare programs and make informed decisions when it comes to RN-BSN, MSN, and DNP programs.

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Career Coaching Modules

With content developed by nurse and career coaching expert Linda Yoder, PhD, this section explores the various types of Career Development Relationships (CDRs), with a focus on Career Coaching. What types of CDRs exist, what are the benefits of each, and how can organizations support CDRs within workplace culture? Check out these modules to find out!

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Interprofessional Collaboration and Education Modules

Want to find out what interprofessional collaboration is all about? These modules explain the basic concepts of team-based care, the benefits for both patient and practice, facilitation, and how Interprofessional Collaborative Practice impacts nurses in Michigan.

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Diversity Best Practices

A diverse workforce is essential to nursing in the 21st century, and ensuring that students from traditionally underrepresented groups successfully complete their nursing education is a key objective for nursing educators across the state.

In this area, you'll find our whitepaper, which outlines best practices for mentoring nursing students from diverse backgrounds, especially those who may be the first in their family to enter college. This section also includes additional research and resources related to the need for diversity in both education institutions and the nursing workforce.

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