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The Center for Nursing is pleased to announce our nursing career center. For a nominal or yearly fee, employers can highlight their career opportunities to a broad pool of experienced nursing professionals.


The Michigan Center for Nursing’s website averages over 5,000 visits per month (about 70,000 annually). Our users are mostly women from a wide range of ages and levels of education. In 2015, 23% were aged 18-24, 30% were 25-34, 18% were 35-44, 13.3% were 45-54, 11.7% were 55-64, and 4% were 65+.

Visitor Quality

Unlike other job advertising sites, most users come to the Center’s website to get information on advising their nursing career through our Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Nursing Career Guide, which has career planning, career coaching, and educational pathway resources.

Moreover, the Center hosts some highly-sought resources like our clinical faculty and nurse preceptor training tool kits.

Email Newsletter

Nearly 2,000 individuals subscribe to the Michigan Center for Nursing’s monthly email newsletter. This newsletter is filled with content for both new and seasoned nurses.

Each month up to five new job postings will be listed in the newsletter. Additionally, visitors can subscribe to a weekly update of new jobs posted on the site.

Pricing Options

Individual postings are $250. If you need to post more than six postings each year, consider purchasing a yearly unlimited option for $1,200.

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