The Basics of Interprofessional Collaboration

The Interprofessional Education and Collaboration course outlines the basics of interprofessional collaboration for nurses based on the four compentencies identified by the IPEC report.

If you're interested in learning more about interprofessional collaborative efforts in Michigan, visit the Education to Practice program.

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Interprofessional Education and Collaboration

Interprofessional Team Facilitation Course - 1 CE

Cost: Free

Who: Michigan Nurses

One hour of continuing education contact is available for completing the three part course. At the end of each module, please print (or save as pdf) the completion certificate. Send all three certificates as an email attachment to You will need to include your name, email address and license number for the final continuing education certificate to be issued. After taking the course, you must also complete a short evaluation SURVEY HERE.

The Objectives of this three part series are:
1. Learn general facilitation skills
2. Learn how to address common facilitation challenges
3. Know the characteristics of an established interprofessional team
4. Know the role of the facilitator in relation to other team members
5. Learn techniques to use in frequently encountered situations
6. Understand the unique characteristics of an ad hoc interprofessional team
7. Learn the additional skills needed to facilitate an ad hoc team

Continuing education contact hours for these programs are provided by Ferris State University School of Nursing, as an approved provider of continuing education credits by the Michigan Board of Nursing. R338.10602G

Team Facilitation 101

Facilitating Established Teams

Facilitating Ad-Hoc Teams

This course was developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and is intended to increase the understanding of interprofessional teamwork. Your participation in this short survey will provide us the valuable feedback needed to be sure that we are creating content relevant to Michigan's nursing workforce.

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