Bureau of Professional Licensing, Michigan Board of Nursing Nurse Scholarship

P.A. 368 of 1978, Sec. 333.16315 established a nurse professional fund Nurse Scholarship Program supported by nursing license fees. One of the uses of the fund is to operate a Nurse Scholarship Program. The goal of the nurse scholarship program is to promote nursing pre-licensure LPN, ADN, and traditional BSN; RN to BSN completion; and graduate MSN education programs in Michigan among individuals who plan to practice in an underserved area, with an underserved population, or in a health professional shortage area (all of Michigan qualifies). Scholarship funding will be disbursed to eligible schools offering nursing programs on an annual basis. The schools will then award the scholarships to eligible students based on the school's criteria and policies.    An eligible school is one that is fully approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing, has a primary campus located within the State Of Michigan; and offers a program of nursing that meets the predetermined category and area of need as established by the Michigan Board of Nursing.  Schools must apply by March 1 and due date for Notice of Intent to Award and Student Application is June 30.  For the school application and Notice of Intent to Award and Student Application, and for any questions, please contact the Bureau of Professional Licensing at  bpl-nursecert@michigan.gov.



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